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Website design and website building

There is only one clear distinction between a good or bad website. A website is good when it meets its objectives. These objectives may be attracting leads, generating revenue, and aggregating subscribers. 

Other indicators of a great site are: it includes call to actions and builds awareness. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your reach through the rate of new subscribers, people providing contact through your form of submissions, the number of downloads, or increase in your donations. 

Websites for all companies must work, and owners should be able to measure all the critical outcomes. Although businesses are unique, there are several characteristics that the majority of high performing websites have in common.

Checklist for a Good Websites

  1. They have a responsive design for all devices
  2. The sites have NAP (name address phone) at the top and bottom of every page
  3. They neither make false promises nor mislead users
  4. The websites have a consistent corporate identity (logo, banners displaying the organizational style, quality photos, and videos)
  5. Present the services or product structure from a customer’s perspective
  6. Showcase style and colors that customers adore
  7. Customers can fulfill the goals of the firm in a few clicks (calls, contact form submission, visiting a specific page, purchase, subscription, and so on).
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Website design and website building
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