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Who do I work with? There are three constants in an ever-changing digital world: clients’ initial strong belief that digital presence is extremely complicated, unyielding confidence that online presence always costs a fortune, and an even stronger belief that nothing besides word of mouth works for their businesses. So, if you are responsible for the decision-making regarding your business’s online presence, and have the least bit of doubt about the statements above and the goal to succeed online – it would be my pleasure to work with you. I truly believe that it is possible to build an effective online presence for local, small or mid-size businesses with a relatively modest budget.

What do I do? Most people think that I build websites, which is true, although this does not represent the whole scope of my work. Even my family has trouble understanding, and no one knows me better than they do, so you are not alone if you too are unsure.  It is common to think that a nice website is everything you need for a successful online presence. Unfortunately, your website is only the tip of the iceberg.  If someone builds a great website, but no one knows about it, does it exist? The aim of all digital marketing endeavors is to establish a prominent and profitable online presence. The formula for successful online presence always stays the same. It is a quality website with good user experience + search engine optimization (SEO)+ local SEO + pay per click (PPC) + Social media marketing + Email marketing + Online reputation & managing your online reviews. Although, the proportions, tactics, and circumstances are always unique.

What is specific about my approach? I focus on a digital presence that pays back (positive ROI). I am certain that as a business owner or manager, you work very hard to make the business successful and that this is not easy in today’s competitive environment. I understand that every dollar you earned, you earned with blood, sweat, and tears. You have the right not to trust digital-savvy gurus who promise you the sun, the moon and the stars only to spend your money, shower you in tech-talk, and, in the end, can’t answer your most basic question: WHERE ARE THE CUSTOMERS?! I focus on building a digital presence with fully tracked results. My clients have 24/7 access to every aspect of their digital presence on a live online dashboard which tracks the most important analytics regarding our work online and the results. No tech jargon. All explanations are in plain English, albeit with a bit of a Russian accent.

I am straightforward and forthright. There are two types of clients; the ones who always “know better”, and the ones who, while ready to cooperate and share their insights with a specialist, are ready to let the specialist lead and do their job, letting the results speak for themselves. Honestly, my clients are the second type and have come to expect, and even more, to rely on my frankness and not sugar-coating things. With this approach, combined with the benefit of your experience and expertise, we can build a realistic, affordable, and successful digital presence. 

Does Online Presence Fail Sometimes? If you have doubts about the effectiveness of implementing digital marketing, you are quite right to have some skepticism.  I strongly believe that the digital presence of a business should pay back with no exceptions. There are a lot of great internet marketing strategies and tactics that big companies and corporations employ to generate revenue, but these strategies often fail to be successful for small, local, or mid-size businesses. There is no one size that fits all.  You need to take a lot of factors into consideration, including the size of the company, specific needs of the business, business model, marketing budget, and the competitive environment. Although you should be cautious with your company’s digital marketing strategies and their implementations. The internet is ready to “eat” all the money you might be willing to spend on digital marketing. That’s why you need to invest wisely by keeping track of every success and failure along the way. It is the responsibility of a digital marketing advisor to avoid investing in strategies that have little or no ROI for your particular business.

I believe in digital marketing as a system. I’m sorry to say that there are no digital magic wands or marketing wizards. Plans that promise overnight miracles are scams at best, and more likely highly risky and could lead to long-term damage to your digital presence. My system is based on the scientific fusion of traditional and digital marketing tactics, strategies, technological knowledge, practical experience, analytics, and everyday systematic work, and good old-fashioned diligence while tracking results. I know this might sound boring, but I don’t know of any better strategy to succeed online.

I work with long-term projects (6-month minimum). Every project is unique. Profitable digital presence, even for a small business in a highly competitive environment. You can’t just use a cookie-cutter approach and expect to succeed. To make your digital presence profitable I need to take a deep dive researching your industry, analyze tons of data, find out how to distinguish your business online, how to overcome your competition, how to persuade Google and other search engines to trust your website and a 101 other things that, as a system would bring fruitful results. On a short-term basis, I only provide consultations, overall analysis, competitive analysis, and recommendations.

My skills
Website design and website building
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Local search engine optimization (Local SEO)
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PPC campaigns
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Content creation and social media marketing
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Email marketing
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Online reputation
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Analytics & Competitive analysis
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